Matrix Group Announces Launch of New Website for the U.S. Grains Council

April 12, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 3.00.25 PMMatrix Group, a leading digital marketing and consulting agency in the Washington, D.C. area specializing in web, mobile, social, hosting and integrations, recently launched a redesigned website for the U.S. Grains Council (the Council).

As developers of export markets for U.S. barley, corn, sorghum and related products including distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and ethanol, the Council has a wide and diverse reach, with a full-time presence in 13 key markets, representatives in an additional 15 locations, and programs in more than 50 countries and the European Union.

Committed to building and expanding international markets for these grains, the Council’s website has always provided valuable information to a wide variety of audiences – international customers and government officials, the Council’s members and stakeholders as well as interested parties from U.S. agriculture and the general public. With this redesign, the Council sought:

  • A better-looking website with more user-friendly navigation to enable users to find what they need with fewer clicks, such as the Feed Grain In All Forms portal, quality reports, the latest news and reports and other items in the Council’s library.

  • A more compelling and interactive way to present the Council’s market statistics and country reports.

  • More people seeing the value of trade and more international visitors learning about how U.S. grain and by-products can develop and improve their businesses and lives.

  • A way for Council staff to edit and update more easily.

  • A mobile-friendly and user-friendly experience for visitors.

  • More interactions from members.

Seeking a clean, intuitive new website that would allow the Council to showcase their breadth of content in an interactive, engaging way, the organization partnered with Matrix Group to make their grand visions a reality.

The Matrix Group Solution

The new U.S. Grains Council website:

  • Is bold and beautiful, reflecting the prominence of the organization, and the impact that grains exports have on the global economy.

  • Features numerous interactive elements, such as the Grains In All Forms portal that help members and users to more easily sort through and digest complex data, and the 2017 Year In Review.

  • Is powered by the flexible, extensible, open-source WordPress content management system. Council staff now have a user-friendly to post news, market statistics, and more.

  • Better promotes the Council’s resources and tools, such as the Council’s extensive multimedia library.

“Our new website provides an interactive platform to share the latest on market developments and trade policy updates with both our membership and a wider audience,” said Melissa Kessler, USGC director of strategic relations. “We look forward to collaboration to continue improving and enhancing the resources available on our website.”

Visit the New U.S. Grains Council Website