MatrixMaxx 16.3 is Now Live!

September 21, 2016
MatrixMaxx 16.3 loginMatrix Group, a leading digital agency in the Washington DC metro area, announces the release of MatrixMaxx 16.3, the latest version of its association management system (AMS).

What's New

My Committees

There are two new "My Committees" features; the core "My Committees" enhancements are now part of all "My Committees" implementations, while the new Self-Service feature is available for a small setup fee.

The upgraded WWW "My Committees" area features:

  • A new text area for staff to write notes just for committee members
  • A new document upload area for staff to provide documents to the committee
  • New dynamic links to meetings tagged as part of this Committee

These new features add a lot more value to the "My Committees" area for members, since it's no longer just a committee-members-only roster. Now is a great time to have "My Committees" implemented!

The Self-Service feature offers association staff the ability to tag certain committees as available for this function. Active association members will then be able to sign themselves up for committees – or remove themselves – from WWW side.

WWW Login Page

The WWW Login page has gotten a facelift! There are now fewer steps between users and their members-only pages. Those who do not have a profile can start creating it from the login page. Those who do can simply log in with the clear, easy-to-use login form. SiteAdmins can update the helptext as usual, to tailor it to your members' unique needs.

Further Login/Create Profile upgrades are on the way, including:

  • Context-sensitive feedback screens if a user is not qualified to access a particular page
  • Even tighter flow for the login/signup process
  • Improved organization find/affiliation process, etc.

Additional Upgrades and Changes in MatrixMaxx 16.3

  • New Invoice notes field
    • There's a new company demographic field for use on organization-level invoices, to flag important notes. If this new field is filled in, it displays a red 'additional invoice notes' notation on any intranet view page for a company application.
  • Users can now add City, State, and Country to the Export for Membership Dues "By Year" Report
  • The new Additional Affiliations report is available for those using the additional affiliation feature in the Contact module
  • We've added an Intranet Individual View page 'Additional Affiliation' accordion upgrade that will auto-open this accordion if an additional affiliation is present, and Show Assistee on Individual Overview
  • And just for fun: a new AnimalCam widget on the Intranet Dashboard!

MatrixMaxx, Matrix Group’s AMS product, is a web-based association management system for small- and medium-sized trade associations and professional societies. MatrixMaxx is a full featured AMS that provides association clients with comprehensive reporting, trend information, insight on membership demographics and more!

Clients are automatically upgraded with the latest release at no additional charge, while also guaranteeing backward compatibility with client-specific programming and customizations.

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