Matrix Group Launches Updated NECA Connection ‘Find a Contractor’ Search Engine

September 20, 2016

NECA ConnectionMatrix Group, a digital agency in the Washington DC area specializing in web design, development, AMS, integration, branding, mobile and e-marketing services, recently launched the redesigned NECA Connection search engine for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), and developed companion search for the National Labor Management Cooperation Committee (NLMCC).

NECA, a longtime Matrix Group partner, has depended on Matrix Group to keep their large family of websites, apps, and web-related efforts up-to-date and forward-thinking. The NECA Connection effort is part of this family.

The NECA Connection search engine is one of the key tools NECA offers their member contractors as a way to gain new business. Because electrical contractors are generally classified by the type of electrical work they do, the search engine needed to be more robust and allow for multiple-criteria searches. The new search engine makes it easy for building managers, general contractors, and the public to find a qualified electrical contractor in their local area, and it allows them to search by specific work types and qualifications.

Matrix Group, in partnership with NECA, launched an improved search functionality for NECA Connection. The previous version of the search only allowed users to filter the available contractors by one location or specialty. Visitors now may search by:

  • Keyword
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple specialties, and
  • Designations

We also launched a refreshed design for the website. It now features:

  • A clickable map that returns results for the state you select, making it simple to narrow down your results.
  • A clean, new design that unifies the branding with that of the main NECA website and simplifies the navigation and search for visitors

You can see a video tutorial on how to use the updated search:

The National Labor Management Cooperation Committee (NLMCC) is a partnership between NECA, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and other signatories. It fosters high-quality connections between NECA contractors, their IBEW counterparts, and the public who need their services.

In addition to an updated search functionality matching that of NECA Connection, the NLMCC search got custom styling to match the branding of the main partnership site. What sets it apart is that the search results also include non-NECA members who are signatories to the IBEW.

Visit NECA Connection Visit NLMCC's search



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