Matrix Group Releases MatrixMaxx 16.1

March 16, 2016

Matrix Group, a leading digital agency in the Washington DC metro area, announces the release of MatrixMaxx 16.1, the latest version of its association management system (AMS).

The 16.1 release features these exciting new enhancements:

  • CRMMaxx as part of the base product!
  • Added functionality and updates to CRMMaxx module
  • Ability to copy coupons
  • WWW Payment Page upgraded to be smarter and more attractive
  • Updates to the individual display in Contacts
  • MeetingMaxx upgrades, including new controls on 'Add to Calendar' drop down and new registration search functionality
  • Updates to the MembershipMaxx Balance Due and Confirmation Email templates
  • And more!

MatrixMaxx, Matrix Group’s AMS product, is a web-based association management system for small- and medium-sized trade associations and professional societies. MatrixMaxx is a full featured AMS that provides association clients with comprehensive reporting, trend information, insight on membership demographics and more!

Clients are automatically upgraded with the latest release at no additional charge, while also guaranteeing backward compatibility with client-specific programming and customizations.

Learn more about MatrixMaxx at

Schedule a private demonstration by calling (703) 838-9777 or by filling out our contact form and selecting "MatrixMaxx Demo".