Matrix Group Partners with Beth Singer Design on New Mobile App to Mobilize Nationwide Support for Education Reform

September 10, 2014

Biz4Edu app home screenMatrix Group, a digital agency in the Washington, D.C. area, specializing in web design, development and e-marketing, announces the launch of the free Biz4edu app for the IOS and Android platforms for the Business Center for a College-and Career-Ready America.

Matrix Group partnered with Beth Singer Design, an Arlington-based design and communications firm that works closely with advocacy groups, government, health organizations, educational institutions and cultural groups to provide messaging, branding and design solutions to help accomplish their clients’ goals.

The app’s aim is to help business leaders speak with policy-makers, employees, educators, business coalitions and the press about the importance of preparing our nation’s students for a competitive job market, which has been plagued by a lack of qualified candidates, especially in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics.)

Using the latest trends in HTML, CSS and AngularJS, a JavaScript framework that allows for quick development, especially for web apps, Matrix Group turned Beth Singer Design’s editorial work and visuals into a functioning app. We used the open-source framework PhoneGap to port the HTML and JavaScript into a native application running on iOS and Android phones.

The Biz4edu app features:

  • A clear economic argument for business leaders to support higher education standards of their future employees.
  • A guide with ready-to-use tools and templates for business leaders to voice their support of more rigorous education standards in meetings and to the public.
  • A dynamic newsfeed that pulls in news items related to college and career readiness, the STEM fields and issues concerning the skills gap.
  • Timelines filtered by state, which track college and career readiness efforts made by legislative and policymakers.

Download the free Biz4edu app on Google play

Download the free Biz4edu app on the App Store on iTunes