Matrix Group Launches New Website for the Newly Rebranded Exponent Philanthropy

April 21, 2014

Exponent PhilanthropyMatrix Group, a digital agency in the Washington, DC metro area, specializing in web design, development E-marketing and association management systems (AMS), announces the launch of the new website for Exponent Philanthropy, formerly the Association of Small Foundations.

Exponent Philanthropy is based in Washington, DC. A vibrant membership association, Exponent Philanthropy supports and empowers philanthropists with few or no staff, including individual donors, donor advised funds, giving circles and foundations. They amplify their members’ work by providing education, resources and valuable connections.

The association’s leadership initiated a rebranding campaign to better reflect the power of its members’ giving, its value proposition, and to expand its reach to all philanthropists who choose to keep their operations lean. Now operating as Exponent Philanthropy, the organization teamed up with Big Duck, a communications firm that works exclusively with nonprofits, to create the look and feel of the site; Matrix Group implemented Big Duck’s design.

Matrix Group:

  • Implemented Big Duck’s design Sitefinity. Exponent Philanthropy and Matrix Group chose Sitefinity for its robust functionality, responsive templates, ability to integrate well with other systems and user-friendliness. 
  • Integrated the site with Exponent Philanthropy’s iteration of MatrixMaxx, Matrix Group’s association management software. MatrixMaxx handles Exponent Philanthropy’s ecommerce, membership database and more.
  • Migrated Exponent Philanthropy’s vast and diverse resource database into Sitefinity.

View the redesigned website at