Matrix Group Launches New Site for the Aerospace Industries Association

February 06, 2014

Matrix Group International, an award-winning web design and development agency based in Arlington, VA, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA).

AIA, also based in Arlington, VA, is the voice of American aerospace and defense, representing its members, partners and stakeholders in all levels of industry and government.


AIA wished to modernize their website in order to make information more accessible to members and policymakers, highlight the sectors their members operate in, and educate the public about AIA's policies and initiatives.


AIA teamed up with Matrix Group to turn their vision into a reality. Here’s what we did:

  • Conducted a thorough review of the previous AIA site, identifying where the most effective changes could be made, both visually and functionally.
  • Updated the navigation and developed wireframes in order to deliver plentiful and diverse information to visitors in an easy-to-use way.
  • Redesigned the look and feel of the website so that it presents the association and the industry as the bold and dynamic industry that it is. The AIA website is implemented in the Expression Engine content management system.
  • Undertook a large-scale migration of AIA’s vast library of content and resources to reflect the more streamlined hierarchy of information.

Today, you can learn about Aerospace sectors, get a comprehensive review of issue that AIA and its members care about, and learn about all the ways that members can connect with the association and each other.

View the redesigned website.