Matrix Group Redesigns the International Facility Management Association's Website

November 20, 2012

Matrix Group, an award-winning web design and development agency in the Washington, DC area, is thrilled to announce the launch of a redesigned website for the International Facility Management Association.

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the world’s largest international association for facility management professionals, representing more than 20,000 worldwide. IFMA’s mission is to “advance the facility management profession by providing exceptional services, products, resources and opportunities” for its members by conducting research, offering continuing education and certification opportunities and working to advance the facilities management profession.


IFMA sought to transform their fragmented online presence into a seamless website in order to meet the organization’s strategic goals and provide member’s a vastly improved user experience. By overhauling, the association sought to:

  • Increase awareness of IFMA and its mission
  • Unify individual sites and offer opportunities for learning and contributions
  • Be more sociable and community oriented
  • Enhance the member experience by providing resources and services to facility managers in different stages of their careers


 To reach these goals, IFMA teamed up with Matrix Group. Here’s what we did:

  • Developed a new taxonomy designed to connect all the audiences with IFMA’s vast collection resources, products and services.
  • Created a navigation strategy focused on simplifying the browsing experience for members and visitors. The topic-based navigation makes it quick and easy to find content by subject.
  • Designed pages that demonstrate IFMA’s position as the largest association for facility managers worldwide.
  • Unified the login process and single sign-on with iMIS, allowing members accustomed to using several different IFMA-affiliated sites to sign in using a single accounts.
  • Deployed responsive design templates to support a variety of devices in anticipation of members’ use of mobile phones and tablets to access the site.

View the site at