Matrix Group Launches Marketing and Social Media Strategy for Baltimore and Washington, DC Vistage Groups

November 06, 2012

Matrix Group, an award-winning web design and development agency in the Washington, DC area, announces the launch of a new marketing and social media strategy for the Baltimore and DC Vistage groups.

Vistage is a peer-to-peer membership organization that provides professionally facilitated advisory experiences with the ultimate goal of helping CEOs, business owners and senior executives improve leadership, decision-making and overall results in their businesses. The Vistage experience consists of three main pillars:

  • Coaching and accountability through a Vistage Chair, with whom you have a long-lasting and deep relationship
  • Monthly full day meeting with your group where you’ll process issues
  • World class of speakers who talk about everything from leadership to accountability, executive compensation, sales techniques, nutrition and exercise, and performance management.



Every Vistage region operates semi-independently with overall guidance from Vistage HQ in San Diego. Each Chair and regional group is in charge of its own marketing and recruiting efforts.

Seeing the power and potential of e-marketing and social media, Vistage DC and Baltimore reached out to Matrix Group to develop a marketing campaign to:

  • Recruit new members and Chairs
  • Engage with current members beyond their usual monthly meetings
  • Showcase the wealth of  knowledge and expertise of Chairs and members
  • Position Vistage Chairs and speakers as thought leaders of industry


Matrix Group collaborated with Chairs from the local Washington, DC and Baltimore groups, as well as Vistage HQ to make this vision a reality. We:

  • Helped each group define its marketing goals and platforms. For example, Vistage DC decided on a website, blog, YouTube and Twitter, while Vistage Baltimore chose a website, blog, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Customized a Wordpress template provided by Vistage HQ for the DC and Baltimore markets. Vistage HQ had created a terrific Wordpress that was already available to the local markets.  Few Chairs are knowledgeable enough about the content management system to customize it and post regularly. Matrix Group modified each region's template with custom navigation, videos of local Chairs and members, and write-ups that reflect each region's business climate.
  • Created a presence for each Vistage group on the various social media platforms, including Twitter and YouTube.
  • Provide ongoing content support in the form of drafting and editing blog posts, shooting and editing videos, and posting updates to social media.
  • Provide training and best-practices to the Chairs to help them craft their messaging via top-notch videos and effective, dynamic blogs, as well as how to use these tools to promote each site.

The results so far have been:

  • Increased presence in search engines for each region's website and Chairs,
  • More discussions and sharing between members and Chairs,
  • And new leads for potential members.

Matrix continues to support Vistage DC and Vistage Baltimore’s activities, managing their sites and social media campaigns.

View Vistage DC site’s at
View Vistage Baltimore’s site at