Matrix Group Launches New Teaser Site for the National Electrical Contractors Association’s 2013 Convention and Trade Show

October 10, 2012

Matrix Group, an award-winning web design and development agency in the Washington, DC area, announces the launch of a new teaser site for the National Electrical Contractors Association’s (NECA) 2013 Convention and Trade Show.

To help build momentum for the following year’s convention, NECA launches a teaser on its convention site to announce the convention’s host city and encourage members to save the date. The site morphs into a full site as the year progresses, featuring information on speakers, full session schedules, as well as information for exhibitors. With social media continuing to be an integral part of the convention’s experience, feeds are embedded into the site. These include the convention’s blog, Twitter and Facebook updates, as well as the Flickr feed. NECA Conv 2013



The 2013 Convention, which takes place in Washington DC, sports a theme of “A Different Kind of Power.” This theme reflects the location of the event as well as the overall changes within the national electrical contracting industry, including the incorporation of technology, introductions in new business practices and the rise of a new generation of electrical contractors. NECA wanted to be able to evoke these changes into the teaser site.

To help turn the vision into reality, NECA turned to longtime web partner, Matrix Group.


 Inspired by the event’s theme, Matrix Group designed a website that evokes power and demonstrates NECA as the leading voice for the electrical contracting industry. To build momentum around next year’s convention, Matrix Group created a website that incorporated some of the hottest web design trends. Here’s what we did:

  • Provided direction for the site’s teaser piece, as well as established the site’s tone. Matrix Group worked with the NECA team on the teaser’s messaging to convey the how through the power of knowledge, technology and each member's individual voice, contractors continue to succeed in the industry.
  • Created the teaser site in HTML 5. In previous years, the teaser site was developed in Flash. This year, Matrix Group’s team used HTML 5, which allows all devices (phones, tablets and other platforms) to browse the site and access information.
  • Designed and implemented an isotope design. This type of design encourages users to interact with the site and gives equal importance to content in a shared space.
  • Implemented the website in the popular WordPress content management system so that NECA staff will have control over the website’s content.

View the new site at