Goodwill Donate Match Game Now Available as a Facebook App

August 24, 2012

Matrix Group, an award winning web design and development agency in the Washington DC area, developed a Facebook app for Goodwill Industries International as part of the organization’s Donate Movement. The interactive campaign demonstrates how, by donating everyday items, such as clothes, cookware, televisions, etc. to a local center, those items are transformed into funds that support the organization’s mission, which is to “enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families through job training and placement.” Goodwill is perhaps best known for its stores, which accept and sell donations of clothing, furniture, books, electronic and accessories.


Goodwill® wanted to take advantage of gaming popularity to further promote its Donate Movement, a national campaign that challenges individuals and communities to donate conscientiously and responsibly. Through a special microsite designed by Matrix Group, Goodwill demonstrates how donations support job training, career counseling and job placement.

A key component of the Donate site is a Donation Matching Game that lets visitors learn what types of items can be donated or recycled. The Matching Game is so popular that this past spring, Goodwill worked with Matrix Group to turn it into an iPad app, which is now available through the iTunes store. The next frontier?  Facebook!


Goodwill teamed up with Matrix Group to bring this vision to life.  Here’s what we did:

  • Adapted the original iOS game to comply with Facebook’s rules for apps.
  • Created Facebook-specific paths for users to publish their scores and thus gain exposure for the game, the Donate Movement and Family Circle Magazine.
  • Developed a registration form that is automatically completed when the player finishes the game. The completed form allows users to enter a contest for a free laptop that Family Circle Magazine is currently promoting.

“The new Facebook app developed for us by Matrix Group promotes donating to Goodwill® and our Family Circle partnership,” says Arlene McCrehan, Senior Director of Online Media at Goodwill Industries International. Goodwill donations fund the organization’s mission to provide job training and employment services. “The attractive, easy-to-use contest interface is helping us educate people about Goodwill and increase supporters. Within the first 48 hours of launch, participation had already exceeded that of the entire month-long run of our contest last year.”

Play the game on your Facebook page.