Matrix Group Launches Redesigned Website for the American College of Sports Medicine

November 22, 2011

Matrix Group, an award winning web design and development agency, announces the launch of a redesigned website for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world.

ACSM has more than 45,000 members and certified professionals worldwide, ranging from sports medicine physicians and personal trainers to exercise science researchers and academicians.


ACSM is recognized as the “gold standard” for sports medicine and exercise science. In the website redesign, however, the organization faced several challenges:

  • The organization’s name sometimes led individuals interested in sports medicine to assume that ACSM was a university rather than a professional society.
  • Some health and fitness professionals felt that ACSM’s certification program, while prestigious, was too expensive.
  • The brand is actionable and dynamic, but this was not being communicated effectively via the Web.

ACSM wanted to take the first step in branding itself as a dynamic organization, serving all aspects of sports medicine and exercise science. Further, it wanted to communicate the value of its memberships, conferences, and certification programs and to engage the general public in its signature programs.

To accomplish these goals, ACSM decided to redesign its website and turned to Matrix Group for help.


Matrix Group first gained an understanding of ACSM's goals and target audiences. Target audiences include several categories of members (researcher, physician, athletic director), students, the general public and the media. Then we did the following:

  • Created a beautiful design that demonstrated ACSM’s position as “the gold standard” of sports medicine and exercise science. The site’s colors combined with action-oriented imagery demonstrates the diversity of the sports medicine field and of ACSM's membership.
  • Designed an intuitive, action-oriented navigation. Whether registering for a conference or becoming a member, visitors can easily access the information they need, including resources, information on programs and events, grant opportunities and more.
  • Added  a new public search based on the site’s taxonomy. Visitors can now search by topic and find dozens of free resources related to that topic. For example, a visitor can select Exercise for Women and find all relevant position statements, events, brochures, books, news and fact sheets.
  • Implemented a content management system, Sitefinity by Telerik, to power the entire website. Now ACSM staff can easily update all pages and create new ones.
  • Integrated the website with iMIS, ACSM's membership database. Through single sign-on, members need only log in once to access protected member content, manage their profiles, register for meetings, or access their accounts.

The new ACSM website is a resource for all target audiences, easy to navigate, content-rich and fully representative of ACSM's diverse activities, membership and member services.

According to ACSM’s website team, “From day one, ACSM’s main goal in this website redesign was to meet the online needs of our members and certified professionals. We know Matrix Group was the right choice for us because they kept our end users in mind at every stage of the project. Through the website that Matrix Group built, we expect to see a strong boost in online traffic and subsequent increases in our conference attendance, memberships and certifications.”

Visit the new website at