Matrix Group Launches New Patient Centered Health Care Home Program (PCHCH) Microsite for URAC

September 06, 2011

Matrix Group, a leading web design and development agency in the Washington D.C. metro area, announces the launch of a new microsite to promote URAC's Patient Centered Health Care Home Program (PCHCH) for individual practices, health plans and other healthcare organizations.

PCHCH programs take a more comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on individual patients’ health and wellness, as well as utilizing preventative health measures to avoid major health problems, which can have a huge impact on healthcare costs. Research based on pilot programs show PCHCH practices can have a significant impact on improving healthcare in this country. Initial results show the reduction of:

  • Unnecessary emergency department visits
  • Avoidable hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations
  • Increased access to physical and behavioral health services
  • Proper healthcare at the right time

URAC's PCHCH's approach delivers on the promises of healthcare reform- increasing access to services, supporting care coordination across the continuum, improving patient accountability through information and active decision-making, and driving efficiency and effectiveness. 

The Need:

A leading healthcare accreditation and education organization, URAC needed to design a microsite to educate practices on the elements of fully functional PCHCH practices and healthcare plans on how to help transform practices into truly patient centered health care homes.

The Matrix Group Solution:

As URAC's longtime web partner, Matrix Group developed a microsite to educate practices, health plans and other healthcare organizations on PCHCH standards, as well as promote its achievement and certification programs.   Matrix Group:

  • Collaborated with URAC staff on how to promote this new program while ensuring consistency with the leading healthcare organization’s mission.
  • Developed a user-focused microsite with a strong understanding of the site's key target audiences in mind, designing wireframes, black and white schematics, to organize the content based on the users' needs.
  • Designed a site that communicates its commitment to helping health plans and practices work cohesively together with patients' health and wellness at the center. Through diagrams, imagery and strong content, the site educates visitors on the value of PCHCH programs, as well as provides tools and resources to help practices meet the standards.  
  • Implemented the site in WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS), providing URAC staff access to the website's content to help keep information current.

"Matrix Group provided us with an innovative, cost effective solution for the release of our new product," said Christine Leyden, SVP&GM of Client Services.

View the new microsite now: