Matrix Group Raises $3200 for the National Park Foundation’s Disaster Recovery Fund in the Gulf

July 21, 2010

Matrix Group, a leading interactive agency in the Washington D.C. area, donated $3,200 to the National Park Foundation’s Recovery Fund in the Gulf through an innovative Facebook campaign that it sponsored this past June.

Like many Americans across the country, Matrix Group staff became increasingly concerned by the environmental damaged caused by the BP Oil Spill, and wanted to do something about it.  To help raise funds and awareness of the oil spill and its effects, Matrix Group launched a two-week campaign, pledging $10 for every new fan that joined its Facebook page.

A total of 320 new people joined Matrix Group’s fan page, resulting in a donation of $3,200 to the National Park Foundation’s Disaster Recovery Fund.

The donation will support the Foundation’s efforts in the region, including environmental monitoring, education and park enhancements.  No funds will go toward mitigating BP's responsibilities.

"We are pleased to support the National Park Foundation's efforts in the Gulf region," said Joanna M. Pineda, Matrix Group CEO.  "We trust the Foundation, admire their programs, and know that their projects, in conjunction with the National Park Service, will do much to help protect and preserve national parks in the Gulf region."

To make a donation to the fund directly, visit the National Park Foundation's Disaster Recovery Fund