Matrix Group Releases Version 10.2 of MatrixMaxx, Web-Based Association Management Software

July 02, 2010

Matrix Group announces the release of MatrixMaxx 10.2, the latest version of its Association Management Software.

Unlike other AMS companies, Matrix Group automatically upgrades all its clients with the latest release at no additional charge, while also guaranteeing back end compatibility with the most client-specific programming and customizations.

Prior to the release, MatrixMaxx clients were invited to preview the upgrades. The preview week allowed clients to test out baseline enhancements before going live. In addition, clients were given access to a development website for a fictional client the National Association of Fun Companies (NAFC) to check out paid enhancements.

Major baseline enhancements now allow clients to:

  • Search by radius for individuals. This allows clients to market their events to people in the database within a certain radius of a specific zipcode.
  • Add two levels of committees in records. We also added additional rosters.
  • Search for companies without a primary contact. Though primary contacts are critical to maintaining relationships with company members, this is now not required in searches.
  • Added real-time charting to the Meeting Summary Report, giving users an at-a-glance summary of attendees, fees and events.Clients can also see a graph that shows meeting registrations several weeks before the start of the meeting.

In addition to a couple dozen baseline enhancements, Matrix Group rolled out several paid enhancements that have been eagerly awaited by clients, including:

  • The Meetings Microsite builder allows clients to create microsites for every meeting and customize them with a separate header, colors, navigation and links.  Each microsite also features a friendly URL to make promoting the meeting easy.
  • The To Do List Manager allows client staff to create tasks and assign them to themselves or other staff members, add notes, categorize the request by topic, associate contacts or transactions, and manage their lists.

"This is a really big release, packed with enhancements that were mostly  suggested by clients," said Tanya Kennedy-Luminati, Director of MatrixMaxx.  "We're lucky to have such an engaged and vocal client base that lets us know how we can make our product better.  We're also especially excited about the microsite builder and the to do list manager because these features really round out the product and meet huge needs expressed by clients."

Learn more about MatrixMaxx by visiting You may also schedule a private demonstration by calling (703) 838-9777 or by filling out our Request Information Form.