CTO Maki Kato and Director of Biz Dev Bryan Clark Speaking at ASAE Annual on Re-Engineering Your Office Space

    Dates: Aug 12, 2020
    Times: 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM ET

ASAE Virtual Annual Meeting StickerMatrix Group CTO Maki Kato and Director of Business Development Bryan Clark are speaking at the ASAE Virtual Annual Meeting & Exposition, which will be held online from August 10-12, 2020.

Maki and Bryan's session is titled "Re-Engineering Your Office Space for the Next Generation" and will air on Wednesday, August 12th from 2:30pm - 3:15pm. 

Even before the pandemic, office expectations were shifting. Now we're ALL rethinking what it means to work and what work spaces look like.  Before COVID hit, flexible hours, telework, and workspace variety were considered non-negotiables rather than benefits, and that's true now more than ever.

Join Maki and Bryan to learn how our office move last summer facilitated a seamless transition to work from home. They'll share how we moved our 40-person office in only five months, upgrading from a traditional configuration to a flexible, portable environment designed to be easily upgraded, reconfigured, and changed. They will share practical details of our move, including our planning approaches and tools, how we weighed the pros and cons of shared vs. dedicated workspace, how we surveyed the staff, the technology options we considered, furniture considerations, recycling/donation tips, and strategies for lowering your move costs. They’ll also share how our processes and collaborations changed as a result of the move, before and after the pandemic hit. In the end, we couldn’t navigate work 3.0 until our office environment changed drastically.


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