CEO Joanna Pineda Speaking at NCAC BSA's University of Scouting

    Dates: Feb 29, 2020
    Times: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

CEO Joanna Pineda is speaking at the National Capital Area Council Boy Scouts of America's University of Scouting on February, 29, 2020. Joanna is presenting two sessions, one for Cub Scout leaders, and another for Boy Scout leaders.

The “University of Scouting” is a supplemental training opportunity for all adult Scout leaders, and is the only time during the year where leaders can find, all in one place, the widest variety of training opportunities in all program areas.

Joanna will be presenting the following sessions: 

Cub Scouting Publicity and Promotion – Policies and Practice of Media Use

We live in the information age! Pack, Council/District, and community newsletters; community newspapers; internet blogs, web sites, e-mail lists, on-line videos and social media are available options for Cub packs to promote their programs and highlight their achievements. But, how can we best use these resources to help the pack and its Cub Scouts grow, while complying with BSA policies and ensuring the safety, security and privacy of the Scouts and their leaders? This course will explore the safe, BSA-approved use of all forms of media for pack publicity and promotion, and how such publicity and promotion help your pack meet the character, citizenship and fitness goals of the Cub Scout program. 

Using Social Media for Recruitment and Engagement 

Think social media is just for millennials? Think again! Social media is used by professionals and companies to do business everywhere. Learn how your unit can make use of the most popular platforms to recruit scouts and parents; raise awareness of scouting in your community; communicate your unit's schedules and activities; and share your unit's successes. We'll help you pick the platform(s) to be on, show you how to manage your social media pages using your phone, and share secrets for writing effective posts and increasing your reach.

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