Live Case Study: How a Small Staff Association Produced an Engaging and Successful Virtual Meeting for 500 Attendees

    Dates: Mar 11, 2021
    Times: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

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BeSpeake NAES Biennial Case Study EventHow do you take a conference that is built to be intimate and meditative, providing education, community, worship, spirituality, and goodwill, and make it virtual, without losing the feeling of the event? How do you provide space for community and connection virtually that is reverent, but also exudes the palpable energy that the conference is known for? Especially when your whole organization is a team of 5?

Many would say it can’t be done, but the National Association of Episcopal Schools proved everyone wrong with their Biennial Conference, hosted in the BeSpeake Virtual Meeting Platform in November 2020.

Biennial was a wild success. Attendees raved about the experience, saying that they felt like they were a part of the Biennial Conference - woven into the fabric of the event and not just passive attendees.

How did they do it? Join us as we share a case study on NAES’ Biennial Conference 2020 and show you the powerful tools in BeSpeake that brought NAES’ vision to life. 


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