Webinar: How to Host a Virtual Meeting Using Your CMS and MatrixMaxx

    Dates: May 28, 2020
    Times: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
  • Location: Zoom

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Need to convert a small conference, board meeting, or committee meeting into a virtual event, but limited by a tight timeline and shoestring budget? All the tools you need are already in your pocket! 

Join CEO Joanna Pineda, Chief Maxximizer Tanya Kennedy Luminati, MatrixMaxx Product Specialist Janna Marks, and Director of Software Engineering Dave Hoernig as they share how you can leverage the tools already available to you in your MatrixMaxx AMS and Sitefinity or WordPress to quickly spin up a successful virtual meeting. 

They’ll share: 

  • How to create meeting pages using existing templates
  • How to protect your new virtual meeting using your existing MatrixMaxx authentication
  • How to create the proper access level in MatrixMaxx
  • Options for live streaming sessions
  • To Zoom or not to Zoom?
  • Meeting security

They’ll also give a sneak preview of Matrix Group’s virtual meeting platform, debuting in June!

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About the presenters:


As CEO and Chief Troublemaker of Matrix Group, Joanna Pineda helps her clients increase membership, retain and engage members with compelling member offerings, reach new audiences with a clear brand, and streamline back office operations with awesome integrations.

Joanna's staff and clients call her Chief Troublemaker because she likes to think outside the box, question reality, and ask the hard questions so stuff gets done. Her mantra: Make it up, make it happen.

tanyaTanya Kennedy Luminati has directed the MatrixMaxx AMS software team for almost 20 years, so she spends a lot of time with association membership teams. Increasingly, we are all faced with ever-changing and more complex technology: in the office, on computers, in email, at home. We’re all looking for the balance between doing our day-to-day jobs and planning ahead to what is next. Tanya's personal balancing act also includes a husband, a 12-year-old son, a passion for photography and art, a love of the great outdoors and a goal of DAR membership.

Dave Hoernig, Director of Software EngineeringAs the Director of Software Engineering at Matrix Group, Dave Hoernig oversees the content management, site search and SSO implementations. He assists with CMS selection, development of specifications, and testing. He also ensures that each implementation adheres to Matrix Group development best practices. Dave has experience as a Developer, a Project Manager, and a Strategic Consultant. In addition to working for interactive agencies like Matrix Group, he has worked for associations and AMS integrators.

Janna Marks, MatrixMaxx Product SpecialistJanna Marks, MatrixMaxx Product Specialist, is truly a Renaissance woman, having served in several roles for Matrix Group, including web producer for MatrixMaxx™, senior designer, application tester, implementation manager, client liaison, and trainer. Janna came to Matrix Group in 1999 with several years of web production experience, including expertise as a webmaster, information architect, and web designer. Before Matrix Group she was the senior designer at Business Information Networks (BIN), a web solutions company.



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