Webinar: Crisis Management for Your Meetings and Events

    Dates: Mar 31, 2020
    Times: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

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Crises happen. Sometimes we have time to prepare, and other times we’re caught completely by surprise. Take COVID-19. Many of our clients are scrambling to decide whether to cancel, postpone or continue to hold their conferences. What information do you need to make a decision? Who should be involved?

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, March 31st at 2pm Eastern as Matrix Group CEO Joanna Pineda and Bob Mellinger, Founder & President of Attainium Corp and Crisis Management expert, discuss how to face crises head on, create a game plan for when crises happen, and make sound decisions during difficult and emotionally-driven times. They’ll discuss:

  • The Five Phases of Crisis Management
  • Where we are now in the Crisis Management cycle for COVID-19
  • How to prepare for the next crisis, and what to do about events we can’t see coming
  • Framework for making decisions about your meetings and events in a time of crisis
We’ll save 15 minutes at the end of the webinar to answer any specific questions you may have during this unprecedented time.

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About the presenters:

Bob Mellinger Founder Attainium CorpBob Mellinger is the founder and president of Attainium Corp, which he launched to deliver business continuity, emergency preparedness and crisis management services. For over 25 years, Mellinger has provided business solutions and strategic guidance to associations and commercial enterprises. He is a frequent speaker on the topics including continuity of operations, contingency planning and crisis management, delivering sessions ranging from the Basics of Continuity Planning to the Impact of Today's Threats and Hazards to Disaster Simulations and tabletop exercises. Mellinger is a graduate of the University of Dayton with a major in computer science, received a graduate certificate from George Washington University's Institute for Crisis, Disaster & Risk Management, has served on the board of directors of the ASAE Foundation.


As CEO and Chief Troublemaker of Matrix Group, Joanna Pineda helps her clients increase membership, retain and engage members with compelling member offerings, reach new audiences with a clear brand, and streamline back office operations with awesome integrations.

Joanna's staff and clients call her Chief Troublemaker because she likes to think outside the box, question reality, and ask the hard questions so stuff gets done. Her mantra: Make it up, make it happen.

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