MeetingMaxx Training: Event is Set Up, Now What?

    Dates: Mar 27, 2018
    Times: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Cost: Free

Your conference is scheduled, the microsite is live, promotion is underway, but your work is far from over. There are a lot of moving parts to organizing, planning, and promoting a successful meeting, and MatrixMaxx can help make it easier than ever!

During this training session, MatrixMaxx Product Specialist Janna Marks will show how the MeetingsMaxx module can help you meet your loftiest meeting goals, all while saving staff time in the process. She will show you how to:

  • Find unsubmitted registrations so staff can follow up for conversion

  • Send a reminder email to all registrants

  • Create targeted mailing lists to promote the meeting

  • Make sure all of your Google Analytics tracking is in place

  • Print badges in different ways to meet your meeting needs

  • Produce visual graphs of meeting data to track progress

  • Quickly compare registration numbers to previous meetings

  • And more!

Sign up, gather a bunch of people in the same conference room and train a whole team!



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