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Ever wonder why nonprofit executives often leave the sector within five years? Hint: fundraising and boards are crucial factors! Darian shares wisdom on tackling executive burnout through cost-effective executive coaching. #nonprofitmanagement #associationsthrive #podcast

10/10 recommend starting Friday with a colleague coffee! CEO Joanna Pineda and MatrixMaxx Client Success Manager Jana Marks has a great time catching up face-to-face this morning. Who knew something we used to do almost daily could now feel like such a treat?

What is strategic enrollment management and what does it have to do with higher education? Find out how @AACRAO birthed a profession and reshaped the higher education experience. #highered #associationsthrive #podcast #strategicrenrollment

Learn from Melanie Gottlieb how @AACRAO held its most inclusive strategic planning process ever! On one Zoom call, over 700 members participated! And all staff were invited to participate, not just the execs. #associations #governance #podcast #associationsthrive

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