Your AMS: What Doesn’t Matter?

What happens when you’re told that what you’re doing doesn’t matter? It’s part of your decision-making process! How can it not matter?

Gretchen Steenstra, Senior Consultant at Delcor Technology Solutions is the kind of person who poses that kind of question.

I got to catch up with Gretchen during the AMS Fest hosted by ReviewMyAMS‘s Teri Carden. Gretchen shared with me the session “she should have done” at the festival.

Her message? CRM vs. AMS doesn’t matter. Platform vs. Premise doesn’t matter. The current obsession with CRM and other tools and tricks is overblown.

Check out our Matrix Minute on what really is important when it comes to your AMS.

Joanna Pineda

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Joanna’s business card reads CEO/Chief Troublemaker for a reason. She relishes a challenge and introduces change wherever she goes. She knows anything is possible and that clients come to Matrix to hear "Yes", not "No." Matrix is purple because of Joanna. Staff like to call her JP.

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