Training and Trust: Keeping AMS Data Clean and Correct

People get a bit intimidated by AMS implementations and integrations. I get it. There are a lot of moving parts, but with the right tools, team, and know-how, things can go really smoothly.

In the last blog post, I shared the Top 10 AMS Implementation Tips from Bruce Moe, ED at Missouri State Teachers Association because he’s so right about ways to make an implementation successful.

When he revealed Tip No. 8, Decentralize data entry, at May’s AMS Fest,  Bruce caused a sensation. Everyone in the organization getting access to the  individual and organization records? Madness!

But, as our Matrix Minute video will show you, it was brilliant madness.

Joanna Pineda

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Joanna’s business card reads CEO/Chief Troublemaker for a reason. She relishes a challenge and introduces change wherever she goes. She knows anything is possible and that clients come to Matrix to hear "Yes", not "No." Matrix is purple because of Joanna. Staff like to call her JP.

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