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Leah Monica

Leah Monica

Tips for Creating a Powerful Membership Directory

SOCMA Membership DirectoryMatrixMaxx has out-of-the-box member directory searches. We have a company search and an individual search. These searches can be configured to search different criteria and skinned to match a client’s website. They are terrific and get the job done.

Sometimes, however, clients want something completely different for their company search. In these instances, the question is: can we accommodate the changes in the generic MatrixMaxx code, should we create custom code within MatrixMaxx, or should we write completely custom code?

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) wanted something unique and full-featured for their new membership directory. SOCMA wanted searching based on new demographic fields that described company capabilities. And they wanted a different user interface. After much deliberation, we opted to create a custom vue.js front-end application that makes real-time web service calls to MatrixMaxx. This vue.js application is CMS-agnostic, it gives SOCMA full flexibility over the front-end, and because it lives outside of the CMS, it will survive CMS upgrades and help to minimize technical debt in the long run.

The SOCMA tagline is “solutions for specialties” and their new membership directory search reflects the requirements of a very technical field. Users can now search for SOCMA members using filters that sort members by specific categories like Analytical Equipment (i.e., Gas Chromatography, Particle Size Analyzer) or Chemical Expertise (i.e Hydroboration, Rosenmund Reduction). The search presents these options in a familiar layout, similar to online shopping product searches, and shows the results with logos and descriptions instead of just a directory listing.

If your organization is looking to create a custom membership directory, consider this approach. Use your membership database’s API to poser a custom, front-end application that you can configure and skin to create a unique experience for your members.

Check out the new SOCMA membership directory.