One Taxonomy To Rule Them All: What is Taxonomy?

A shared taxonomy (across your sites, your AMS, your meetings, etc.) is the key to better content and a better user experience. In this series of blog posts, we’ll define taxonomy, tell you why it’s important and show you how to develop and implement one.

question markWhat is Taxonomy?

  • “The practice and science (study) of classification of things or concepts, and the principles that underlie such classification” — Wikipedia
    • You remember school and how in biology, organisms were classified into things like genus and phylum. In general taxonomy, it’s taking items and grouping them into classifications.
  • Overarching categorization scheme
    • For a website/AMS/etc., taxonomy is your overall classification and organization of each discrete piece of data. A news article can be classified as belonging to membership and government affairs and even more detailed, to a specific topic of discussion.
    • This taxonomy (or topics/issues) are specific to you. What do you and your members/site users care about?

Why is Taxonomy Important?


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