Mining Your Association Management Software for Business Intelligence, Part 2

You now know what business intelligence is and have got some idea of what types of data gathering you can do.

glasses pen newspaper from morguefileWho Should Care About Business Intelligence?

Everyone. Ideally, every single staffer in your organization should know and care about business intelligence. It’s important to know the facts about what your members and prospective members are doing or not doing. Business intelligence should inform all your decisions.

In practice, it’s mostly senior staff who care or should care. Often, the staff in the trenches don’t really see the value or can’t make decisions based on business intelligence. They may see reports and see the data, but realistically, changing business processes or procedure isn’t up to them.

Senior staff can, however, share the need for good data, for information gathering with staff and demonstrate how business intelligence can aid everyone in the organization. Share a few case studies,  get staff involved in identifying the most useful data, talk about it at staff meetings/department meetings and solicit input.

Business intelligence gathering shouldn’t be difficult, it’s a matter of knowing what you need (data) and how to use it (analysis).

Mining Your Association Management Software for Business Intelligence, Part 3: How to create a data-driven organization.

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