Managing Your AMS Implementation: Tip #9 You’re Not Done at Launch

Planning for an AMS implementation can be a huge undertaking and involve a great many staffers in your organization. Here’s a quick tip that can help you plan ahead.

man looking at web pagesTip #9: You’re Not Done at Launch

Yay, you’ve launched your new AMS! Time to sit back and party, right? Not so much. Though a lot of the work is done before launch, there’s always more to be done afterwards, especially since many of the functions in your association don’t happen but once a year (trade show, annual meetings, dues renewal, etc.).

  • Most associations require one year after launch to know they got everything right
    • Remember those reports and roster samples from Tip#4 ? [LINK THIS] – you’ll need the upcoming year to ensure that they’re all right in the new system. You need to go through a full cycle of all your duties and functions to validate and verify.
  • Staff need to use the system in order to embrace change.
    • Change is hard, and changing a system that many people use on a daily basis is harder. The year following a new AMS launch is the vetting period. Your staff need this time to learn it. At first, you may hear grumbles, but by the time the year is up, most staffers will be comfortable with the new system.


Tip #10: Be Committed

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