Managing Your AMS Implementation: Tip #7 Think BIG. Think Change.

Planning for an AMS implementation can be a huge undertaking and involve a great many staffers in your organization. Here’s a quick tip that can help you plan ahead.

changeTip #7: Think BIG. Think Change.

There’s no point in implementing a new system that does the same things as the one you currently have. Now’s the time to think about everything you could wish for in your AMS. Need different reports? Need more flexible reports? What don’t you have now that you wish you did?

  • Think BIG even if you can’t do it now
    • Make that blue sky list, even if your budget is modest. If you don’t talk about it, it will never happen.
  • Forecast what might change in your association & share with vendor
    • Think ahead. What’s coming up that might affect your AMS? Talk to your vendor, communicate.
  • Don’t try to replicate your current process
    • You know what you’ve been doing. Don’t stop there! Think about your goal and discuss with your vendor on how to get there more efficiently, more easily. Don’t just do it the same way.
  • The less you customize, the less expensive
    • Think before you ask for customization. Perhaps the new system has a different way of achieving your results that doesn’t require customizing it. Think smart and save budge money.
  • Change is hard!
    • Making the transition to a new system will always be difficult. It’s new, it may be better than what you have (which is why you’re changing), but the actual change tends to hit you harder than you think. Embrace this ahead of time and acknowledge it.

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