Managing Your AMS Implementation: Tip #6 Managing the Project

Planning for an AMS implementation can be a huge undertaking and involve a great many staffers in your organization. Here’s a quick tip that can help you plan ahead.

Businessman pressing virtual iconsTip #6 Managing the Project

One of the more difficult aspects to an implementation is time management. You need to know where you’re going and how and when you’re going to get there. Not only that, but your senior management also wants to know these answers. To help you manage, here are some tips:

  • Get a complete timeline for everything
    • Talk to your vendor and work with them and your staff to get a timeline. Make sure you know what tasks are dependent on other tasks and what challenges can stop or delay the project.
  • Weekly check-in
    • Have a weekly check-in call with your vendor. Discuss progress, any challenges, any questions. Make sure to ask ALL the questions. Don’t assume that the vendor knows to do something.
  • In person meetings every 2 months
    • Meeting with your vendor in person can help solve issues that phone calls can’t. Bring in department staff & have them join in the discussion. Walk through specific questions and issues.
  • Simultaneous feedback from staff (no trickling in)
    • Collect staff feedback and send it to your vendor in one message. Make sure you’ve reviewed the feedback and have a consensus or, if the feedback needs illustration (screenshots) or documentation support, make sure it’s got that, as well.
  • Take great notes and document DECISIONS by the team
    • As with the bullet point above, document your internal implementation team meetings and decisions so that your vendor and senior staff have one voice to listen to.
  • Periodic updates for senior staff
    • Keep your senior staff updated about progress, any challenges, timeline changes, etc. Tell them before they come to ask you.


Tip #7: Think BIG. Think Change.



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