Managing Your AMS Implementation: Tip #10 Be Committed

Planning for an AMS implementation can be a huge undertaking and involve a great many staffers in your organization. Here’s a quick tip that can help you plan ahead.

hand signing a contractTip #10: Be Committed

Focus, commitment and dedication is what helps make your AMS implementation a success. And most of that has to come from you.

  • This process needs YOU – no AMS vendor can produce good results without you
    • Your vendor is providing you with the tools, but you need to bring your dedication to the process. Without your input, your focus, the vendor can’t deliver what you need.
  • This process will take a great deal of time – You need to be committed.
    • As we said in Tip #9 [LINK THIS], this is a long process and you’ve got to be an integral part of it from the first baby steps to that one-year anniversary of your launch.
  • If you are changing your process, some parts of the process will be rough.
    • Yup, change is hard and getting everyone on board with that change is harder still. Try to anticipate the questions, the feedback from your staff and be there to help them. Understand that sometime, the alligators will look like they’re winning, but know that with your commitment, you’ll always come out on top.
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