Managing Your AMS Implementation: Tip #1 Who’s In Charge?

Planning for an AMS implementation can be a huge undertaking and involve a great many staffers in your association. Here’s a quick tip that can help you plan ahead.

school of fishTip #1: Who’s In Charge?

Who’s in charge of the implementation, both overall and of various segments? Is it a committee, a specific group?

An AMS implementation is only as good as the initial data.

  • Are all the fields correct?
  • Is the data up to date?
  • Are duplicates gone or merged?
  • How are you going to handle exceptions?

Who’s the group most likely to know this information and take charge of this information?

The person or group in charge needs to be the one who is extremely invested in the quality of the data, usually, the membership or operations group. Is that the most senior person in the department? Maybe. Sometimes, it’s the person who deals with data on a day-to-day basis and can make data decisions.

Check out Tip #2 on how to form an  implementation team.


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