How Adding Photos to Your Database Can Give Your Association a Human Touch

MatrixMaxx, Matrix Group’s Association Management Software (AMS), allows clients to upload photos of the individuals in the database. We put this feature in place many years ago but recently, it’s been getting a lot of use. I asked clients why this new interest and here’s what I heard:

Individual profile

  •  They want the auto-generated rosters of the Board of Directors and committees to have photos. The rosters looks nicer with photos and makes the leadership more human and more accessible.
  • One President likes his staff to become familiar with what the membership looks like (especially leadership) so that when members come to meetings, they can welcome them by name. Imagine how special members feel when a staff person says, “Hello, Mr. Smith, welcome to the annual meeting” without the member having to introduce himself.
  • One client adds photos to their membership directory. Think about the importance of profile photos in social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Member directories are great networking tools for members. Photos add a personal touch, especially when another member is trying to recall the name of someone she met at a conference.

If you are a MatrixMaxx customer, we’ve made the staff view of the Manage Profile form mobile-friendly. There’s a big button to upload photos and when you click it, you can access photos from your smartphone’s camera roll. One client routinely takes photos of members during Board meetings or while they are in line at registration. Once the photo is taken, she types their name into MatrixMaxx, clicks Edit, and then uploads the photo. Super simple and what a terrific way to make your organization more high touch!

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