5 Things to Ask Your AMS Vendor

When choosing an AMS vendor or considering upgrading, there are always a lot of questions on  your mind, especially with the swiftly changing technology of the internet.

number 5 buttonHere are a few tips to help you talk to your vendor:

How do you support WWW functionality?

The ability to integrate your AMS with your website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. What kinds of online functionality do they support and how? What kinds of challenges could you expect when integrating AMS with your site?

What is your mobile strategy?

Mobile is everywhere and a part of every person’s life. Recent studies show that 58% of American mobile phone users use a smartphone*. Mobile web usage has doubled since 2009**. More and more, your users will need to access your site and AMS functions via their mobile device. Does your vendor have a viable strategy?

How do you support third party integrations?

Integration is the name of the game. No one vendor supplies all the functionality needed from an organizations website. The crucial key is how does your AMS vendor handle integrating with other vendor products such as your website, your product fulfillment center, etc. Can they provide the data needed for single sign-on, for example? How do they handle stumbling blocks?

How do you handle upgrades? What happens to customizations?

Does your AMS vendor have regular upgrades to the product? If so, is there a schedule and how is that communicated? What happens to custom reports or other customizations when the product is upgraded? How do you report problems or questions?

How are you being (or going to be) my partner rather than just my vendor?

Partners become part of an organization’s business process and work hand-in-hand with you to improve and support your association. How does/will your vendor manage this? Are they hands off once they deliver or do they continue to be part of the ongoing relationship?

There are many more questions you could ask your vendor or prospective vendor, but these should get you started!


* Pew Internet Mobile Technology Fact Sheet, Pew Research Center
** Study: U.S. mobile Web use has doubled since 2009, CNN

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