Developer Support

Integration Support

Need to integrate your MatrixMaxx Association Management System (AMS) with a third-party vendor system? Matrix Group has the technical know-how to support your integration needs.

Unified Design Support

You want your end user to have a seamless user experience, right? Part of that is a unified look and feel across all the systems. Some third-party applications allow you to just upload your logo and customize a bar of color, but the pages that MatrixMaxx generates for your front-end website can be wrapped to match the rest of your website. Your users will never suspect that they're moving between multiple vendors; they just know that navigating your site is easy!

Custom Integration Services

Trying to integrate a bunch of systems that want to talk to each other in different ways?  Matrix Group is not just a product implementation company. We have an entire custom development division that can support your integration and development needs.

Need a custom integration between multiple legacy technologies? We can do it.

Need a specialized application tailored the to the specific needs of your industry? We can build it.


The MatrixMaxx API (Application Program Interface) allows a 3rd party to pull data from our database. e.g., firstname, lastname, and company name to display on the home page; the next 3 upcoming meetings to display on the home page, all the published commerce products tagged as safety related to display on your safety page, etc. Full documentation is available to MatrixMaxx clients. [For the Techno-geeks: RESTful API services will return JSON formatted results. Searches are performed with MQL (minimal query language) encoded into the URL.]


We firmly believe in the power of integration, and single sign-on (SSO) is the holy grail of system integration. The user logs in one time on one system and then has access to all resources that your association offers:

  • Content
  • Profile Management
  • Meeting Registration
  • Library
  • Career Center
  • Store, Accreditation System
  • And Education/CEU tracking 

For authentication and authorization purposes, we assume that MatrixMaxx will function as the master database of record and our preferred protocol is the Central Authentication Service (CAS).