MatrixMaxx Helps You Manage Your Association

MatrixMaxx offers an extensive selection of modules to help you manage your membership database, meetings and e-commerce activities. The AMS also provides your association with lots of reports to help you gather an understanding of your membership base and activity level.


Represents the heart of MatrixMaxx, MembershipMaxx allows you to manage all your company and individual records; track committee or board involvement; view member activity histories and more!  

  • Manage company and individual records, committees, and access levels
  • Members can  manage their personal and company profiles
  • Membership applications and renewals
  • Comprehensive change history
  • Member directories and committee rosters
  • Generate membership and financial activity reports
  • And single sign-on across website content and e-commerce forms


MeetingMaxx lets you create meeting profiles that automatically publish to event calendars and dynamic meeting registration forms save meeting registrations and more! Your staff will be able to create an unlimited number of meetings and registration forms, without assistance from us.  

  • Create beautiful meeting microsites
  • Comprehensive meeting calendar, online meeting registrations, real-time payments
  • Validated registration fees based on membership status and demographic information
  • Huge collections of rosters and reports
  • Visualizations and mapping


CommerceMaxx makes it easy to manage your products and services for sale, enter order on behalf of members and non-members, and offer visitors an online search and shopping cart. It also allows organizations to market publications, subscriptions, digital downloads, and access to protected content, all through the same processing engine. 

  • Validated pricing based on membership status and demographic information
  • User friendly fulfillment reports
  • Real time fulfillment of digital downloads and subscriptions to protected content
  • Online shopping cart with secure order form and payment processing
  • Huge collection of reports and visualizations
  • Display top products and top purchasers


When it comes to tracking customer relationships, you need a system to help you identify, manage and keep track of leads.

  • Create and manage opportunities and goals
  • Create tasks to manage opportunities and goals
  • Reporting by goals, departments and persons
  • Easily manage your day to day tasks


TradeshowMaxx makes it easy for you to set-up trade show profiles, create on-line exhibit space applications, and save space applications directly into the back office system. It also includes a directory verification form that allows exhibitors to check their directory listings before the directory goes to press, a WWW exhibitor search, and numerous reports that help sales staff increase exhibit sales.

  • Create tradeshows and exhibit space applications
  • Offer special discounts to members and special-interest groups
  • Enter multiple rates for booth fees
  • Allow exhibitors to manage their directory listings
  • Offer exhibitors a presence in an online exhibitor search
  • Generate exhibitor directories
  • Generate tradeshow and financial activity reports


SponsorshipMaxx allows you to create sponsorship categories and detail opportunities within each category. Implementation includes:

  • Create sponsorship opportunities
  • Manage sponsor activities
  • Integration of sponsor activities with meetings
  • Generate sponsor and financial activity reports


FundraisingMaxx allows you to manage and track your fundraising campaigns.

  • Enter pledges and gifts
  • Track progress by campaign or fund
  • Generate reports suitable for inclusion in annual reports and donor lists
  • Generate donor and non-repeat donors reports
  • Huge collection of reports and visualizations
  • Online donation form


Each feature set in MatrixMaxx has a standard set of financial reports, including:

  • Manage invoices and AR payments batches
  • Get easy insight into opened invoices
  • Easily send invoices of purchases to members
  • Gives you real-time income, AR, and cash reports
  • Integrates with Payflow Pro batches
  • Synchronize batches with Payflow Pro
  • Wide variety of financial reports by department, meeting and publications
  • Payment stats and more!


comprehensive solution to manage your association’s lists, you can:

  • Build lists easily 
  • Create lists manually or based on specific criteria
  • Automatic updates to lists based on changes made by staff and members
  • Self management of mailing lists and subscriptions
  • Supports digests and manual opt-outs
  • Full integration with MailChimp


Connected to two outside data sources, AdvocacyMaxx pulls in United States Federal legislator information for use by the AMS in displays, rosters, searching, and reporting/exporting.

  • Connect with members of congress and their staff
  • Automatic refresh of congressional data, including committees
  • Search for members by congressional district


Gives you access to an easy-to-use searches, reports, query tools, and exports that require no programming skills to use successfully.  

  • Huge collections of reports by module and across the system
  • Individual and organization query builders that let your search by individual, organization and activities
  • Business intelligence reports that let you track member engagement and trends


IntegrationMaxx provides your organization a way to integrate MatrixMaxx with 3rd party systems, like content management systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), application/workflow systems, and email marketing systems, giving your users a seamless experience.

  • Single sign-on for any registered MatrixMaxx user, using the CAS protocol
  • Flexible API for pulls of data into the main website or other systems

We have integrated with a variety of off-the-shelf and custom systems, including:


This open-source CMS and publishing platform powers more than blogs. You can build a WordPress site or multisite and customize it with themes and plug-ins created by a worldwide community of coder. If your site is in WordPress, you can have single sign-on (SSO), a dynamic wrap so that your public facing AMS pages use the same headers and styles, and you can use MatrixMaxx-powered widgets to display upcoming meetings, featured publications and more.


With Sitefinity’s drag-and-drop user interface powerful APIs, you can create and configure web pages and forms, and store digital assets with categories and tags. The CMS has built-in SEO tools and the ability to capture contact information directly into your marketing automation system. If your site is in Sitefinity, you can have single sign-on (SSO), a dynamic wrap so that your public facing AMS pages use the same headers and styles, and you can use MatrixMaxx-powered widgets to display upcoming meetings, featured publications and more.


Hubb provides tools to manage almost every aspect of your organization’s meetings, from attendee schedule-builders to session content to sponsorship data to staffing locations and assignments. Hubb has been integrated with the MatrixMaxx AMS to provide advanced Call for Presentation/Proposal support to the MeetingMaxx module.

a frog graphic next to the text Higher Logic

Higher Logic

Higher Logic is an industry leader in cloud-based community platforms. Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring people all together, by giving their community a home where they can interact, share ideas, answer questions and stay connected. MatrixMaxx is integrated with Higher Logic to help your organization achieve deeper engagement and provide meaningful interactions for your members, customers and prospects. 


In MailChimp’s drag-and-drop email-campaign builder, you can conduct A/B testing on multiple messaging, track open rates and conversions, automate member engagement, and more. The MatrixMaxx AMS offers a 1-click integration with MailChimp, syncing the lists both ways so you can leverage the expertise of both systems.

PayPal's Payflow Payment Gateway

Whether you choose to host your checkout page on your website or through PayPal, the Payflow Payment Gateway provides PCI-compliant options for processing credit card charges.


BrightKey offers outsourced support services that empower clients to focus on their mission-critical activities. Service, staffing, and facilities solutions that support multiple departments, include operations, administration, finance, membership, marketing, publications and products, circulation, certification, meetings and events, and mailroom. MatrixMaxx is integrated with BrightKey so that orders automatically get saved to BrightKey for third party fulfillment of commerce orders.

Elevate LMS

Elevate allows users to customize their learning with a blend of live and online knowledge-sharing -- think webinars, webcasts, and discussion areas -- social learning, and curriculum development. You can customize the look and function of your LMS pages with widgets, icons, and taxonomy. The MatrixMaxx AMS powers SSO for the Elevate LMS, when a client wishes to utilize both systems in an integrated way.


BeSpeake Virtual Meeting Platform

Create a custom built virtual conference or tradeshow experience that is just as transformative as your in-person events with BeSpeake. No stack of Zoom rooms here! BeSpeake events are custom-tailored for your audiences, providing rich, intuitive experiences that foster serendipitous connections, and leave attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors feeling energized and inspired. The BeSpeake Virtual Meeting Platform is tightly integrated with MatrixMaxx, providing a seamless and highly customizable experience for your virtual event participants.