AMS Process

Getting Started with MatrixMaxx

It Begins with a Good Team

The team that supports your AMS is just as important as your AMS system, and while implementing the product can sound like a daunting process, you won’t be alone! Your team will:

  • Rethink your business processes
  • Clean up your data
  • Sift through lots of meetings about data migration
  • Think about new reports

The Process

When it comes to implementing MatrixMaxx, our team follows a pretty thorough process, making sure that everyone — from the membership team to operations and administration — is involved in the process from the start! Here’s how it works:

We’ll lead a full-staff kickoff meeting to get everyone who is involved on board at the beginning. These include decision makers and representatives from your different departments — including membership, government relations and advocacy — meetings as well as your operations and administrative teams.

Interested in more tips when it comes to putting together an AMS implementation team?
MatrixMaxx Product Manager Tanya Kennedy Luminati shares her tips.

We’ll get to know your association

We’ll kick off the AMS project with decision makers and representatives from your different departments, including membership, government relations, advocacy, and meetings to get everyone on board. We’ll also:

  • Meet with each department
  • Understand how your membership process works, including the dues and renewals, so it can be implemented in the system
  • Migrate data from your current systems

Support Continues Once Your AMS is Implemented

Once you’re a MatrixMaxx client, you will have access to a wealth of resources, including videos, articles, trainings and more. We’ll also continue to work with you over the next year to make sure that everything works properly, fix any issues, and provide you with training before and after the release.

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