World-Class Data Center

When you host with Matrix Group, you’re getting the best of all worlds: managed hosting in a top-tier data center.

We maintain a private cage at Equinix in Virginia. The Equinix data center boasts unparalleled capabilities: physical security, power, cooling, and fire suppression.

Within our cage, we use top of the line equipment, we have redundant everything, and the Matrix Group network admin team makes sure everything is upgraded and patched on a regular basis.

Disaster Recovery

For the clients that cannot tolerate downtime, even in the event of a true disaster, we offer truly redundant hosting at our disaster recovery hosting facility at Equinix in illimois. With a DR arrangement, we'll replicate your entire environment in near real-time so you'll always have a hot spare should disaster strike.

Permanent Development Site

Hosting clients get a permanent development site that we use for ongoing development and testing.