Up the Event Hype - How to Generate (New) Buzz, Excitement, and Engagement in your Meetings 

Webinar by Matrix Group, Association Briefings, and Gather Voices

Whether your next meeting is going to be in-person, virtual, or hybrid, the biggest question attendees are asking right now is: “will it be worth it?” And once you’ve done the hard work to convince them that, yes, it will, you have to deliver on that promise 10 fold in today’s world. Not a small or easy task!

How do you not only build anticipation, excitement, and buzz before your events, but also craft an experience that stands out from the crowd in such an impactful way that attendees will keep coming back for more?

During this webinar, Matrix Group CEO Joanna Pineda, Association Briefings CBDO Frank Humada, and Gather Voice CRO Joel Resnik share the secret sauce for creating an event experience that is dynamic, exciting, and authentic, and how you can keep the energy flowing long after the event is over. They talk about new ways to use video, how to up the production value of your meetings, how to create micro-communities, and so much more! They also share tons of examples and case studies from associations that are seeing unprecedented meeting success, regardless of format, thanks to these tactics.

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