Data-Driven Marketing

National Association of Episcopal Schools Biennial Conference

The National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) had a large goal for its 2017 Biennial Conference, the association’s signature event: Increase attendance within specific target audiences, namely Heads of Schools and Chaplains.

Why? David Schnabel, former NAES Communications & Events Manager, put it this way: “These audiences have the greatest impact on Episcopal education and when more of them attend a meeting, it changes the tenor and tone of the meeting.” Plus, it’s conventional wisdom at NAES that when a member attends Biennial, membership retention is easier—it’s the “drink the Kool-Aid” moment.

To achieve its ambitious attendance goals with limited resources, staff, and a short 6-month timeline, NAES needed to identify which campaigns and marketing efforts were the most effective to get the most bang for their limited small-association buck. NAES turned to their long-time Matrix Group to help them craft an effective, actionable data-driven marketing strategy.

Did NAES ultimately reach its goal? Yes!

Want to know how?