Our Design Process


It's all about the users

At Matrix Group, we consider ourselves to be the advocates for our clients' audiences.  As part of our User-Centered Design process, we learn as much as we can about the target audiences, how they think, what they value, their needs, and motivations.  If their customers aren’t happy, our clients aren’t happy, and we’re not happy.

This deep knowledge of customers informs every step of our development, as customer happiness is our ultimate measure of success.


Defining the experience

When we talk about an “experience”, we’re really talking about how a visitor interacts with our client’s services, whether on the phone, a website, or an app. What was that interaction like? Was it convenient, engaging, entertaining, pain-free? This experience plays a huge role in how customers view a company, their perception of the brand, and the value the company’s service brings to their lives.

How we craft this experience, so that the user comes away with a GREAT experience, is what we strive for.


Design serves a purpose

By design, we mean that it was “by design”, in other words, that every aspect of the experience was carefully considered and part of an overall strategy. By purpose, we mean that the purpose is to carefully align the needs of customers with the strategic goals of our clients.

Our job is to design intuitive paths, engaging experiences, and clear calls to action, so that our clients and their customers can live happily ever after.