Software Engineer / API Web Services Developer / API Wrangler

Software Engineer / API Web Services Developer / API Wrangler

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Matrix Group is a leading digital agency in the DC area and a product powerhouse. We have three products that are used primarily by associations and nonprofits:

  • MatrixMaxx, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that helps associations manage their membership and e-commerce transactions, power their members-only website, and understand their membership trends through analytics.
  • BeSpeake, a conference platform that lets organizations offer virtual and hybrid events that are engaging and beautiful. We help clients design conferences that provide a variety of learning formats and create real value for sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Business Appointment Scheduler, which facilitates scheduling of B2B meetings between conference attendees in advance of a conference and tradeshow.

We are cranking out enhancements to these products and need a team member who can help us move forward while maintaining/enhancing existing functionality. We are specifically looking for someone who is skilled with developing, enhancing and maintaining APIs. Matrix Group front-end developers rely on these APIs to build new applications and generate reports.

Examples of projects you might work on:

  • Integrate MatrixMaxx or BeSpeake with a third party system to implement single sign-on.
  • Enhance the MatrixMaxx API so third parties can better query the e-commerce system  for transactions and payments.
  • Create new endpoints for the BeSpeake front-end team so that clients can perform more self-service functions, e.g., upload their own banner ads.

The tech stack you’ll be working with includes: Linux, NGINX, MySQL, Python, node.js, serverless, Dynamo, Vue, Git.

Specific Skills we are looking for are:

  • Experience building and using RESTful APIs/web services
  • Python development of server-side Web applications
  • Experience with relational databases, especially MySQL
  • Familiarity with development in a Linux-based environment 
  • JavaScript, both on the server and client sides
  • node.js
  • Vue.js
  • Familiarity with Serverless technologies
  • Familiarity with AWS services, including Dynamo, serverless and Cognito
  • Experience using version control tools, such as git or Subversion
  • Python/web server interfaces such as uWSGI
  • Relational databases (ideally, MySQL) and NoSQL databases (ideally, Dynamo)

About Matrix Group International, Inc.

Matrix Group is a leading digital agency that works with associations and nonprofits to help them make the world a better place.  We help organizations increase their membership/customers and generate revenue. We pair amazing tech with design and consulting services to help our clients be successful and high performing. We've been in business for 22 years and we have a history of innovating and responding to our client's needs. We are thriving during this pandemic and need more developers! Matrix Group has a strong culture of coaching and collaboration. Team members are accountable to each other and there's no throwing under the bus. You will thrive at Matrix Group if you are curious, are a good problem-solver, and communicate well. Come join a drama-free team!

We are looking for a full-time developer to join our team. You can be anywhere in the US, but bonus if you are in VA, MD, DC, TN, NJ, NY, CA or IN (because we’re already registered to do business in those states). We use G Suite, Jira, Slack, Git, and a wiki to do our work. We use Zoom, Slack and Google Meet to collaborate.

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