Why Every Organization Should Care About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every once in a while, a client or prospect will tell me their organization doesn’t care about search engine optimization (SEO). Why? I get these reasons: The organization targets a very specific, very niche set of audiences. The organization has a defined universe and they are largely known to the association and vice versa. The organization doesn’t […]

It’s Not About Search, It’s About Wayfinding

Over the past year, I’ve had many, many clients call and meet with Matrix Group about site search issues. Clients complain that their search isn’t pulling up enough results, or it’s pulling too many, the formatting isn’t great, it doesn’t include protected content, yada, yada. I sat down with a client recently to discuss site search […]

Carnegie Middle East Center Bilingual Web site

Matrix Group recently worked with Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to launch a bilingual Web site for the organization’s Middle East Center.  To communicate with its multilingual audience, Carnegie needed to enhance its Web site to provide content in both Arabic and English. Our work included: An enhanced  Content Management System, allowing Center staff to post content […]

You Call That a Site Search?

A friend works for Levi Strauss, so I always ask for her opinion when buying jeans. I was looking for skinny jeans; she recommended a pair of 503 jeans. So I went to Levi​.com, typed “503” and got nothing. I tried “levis 503″ and got nothing. I typed “skinny jeans” and finally got some results, […]