Answer Customer Questions On Your Website and Reap the SEO Benefits

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of attending a powerful presentation on content marketing by Marcus Sheridan, CEO of The Sales Lion. His main message: Your customers and potential customers have thousands of questions about your product and industry. Answer those questions through your website and blog! Here are some key takeaways from […]

Are the App Stores Devaluing Your Organization’s Products?

My favorite handwriting curriculum company (Handwriting Without Tears) just released an app through the iTunes store. It’s called Wet Dry Try and it helps kids practice writing their upper case letters and numbers. The app is great. It responds nicely, it’s got a nice reward system and it teaches really great habits. The app costs $4.99. […]

Why Matrix Group Brought Back Its Email Newsletter

A few years ago, Matrix Group stopped sending out a weekly email newsletter.Why? We were launching a company blog, we were getting more active on Twitter and Facebook, and other organizations were dropping their email newsletters. The marketing staff was spread thin, so killing the Matrix Missive seemed like the right thing to do. We […]

Is it Easy to Do Business With Your Company?

I was arranging lunch with a vendor and suggested Kora, the hip, new Italian restaurant in Crystal City.  I wanted to e-​​​​mail my contact Kora’s address, phone number and a link to a Google map.  Alas, the entire Kora site is in Flash, which is beautiful, but it’s not very user-​​​​friendly.  The biggest problem?  I […]

The Amazon Effect: What Amazon Has Done to the E-​​Tailing Experience

Like the rest of America, I went shopping on Black Friday.  However, I didn’t get up at 3am and I didn’t brave the crowds.  I did my shopping online, largely in response to promotional e-​​​​mails that I received throughout the day.  What struck me was how I compared the shopping and checkout experience on all […]