It’s Time To Make Your Website Mobile-​​Friendly… Really

I was in a meeting with a client this week about their plans to redesign their website. He wondered if the organization should invest in responsive design. Wha? “Hold on,” I said. “I don’t think going mobile-​​​​friendly is optional these days.” But, he argued, responsive design adds to the project budget and his site doesn’t […]

No Mobile Strategy? Your Website Could Face a Google Demotion!

Psst, want to know a secret? The world isn’t going mobile, it’s already mobile. Check out just a few statistics. In India, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic. Google reports that 25% of paid search clicks are coming from mobile devices. The Pew Research Center reported this month that 34% of Americans aged 18 and […]

Are the App Stores Devaluing Your Organization’s Products?

My favorite handwriting curriculum company (Handwriting Without Tears) just released an app through the iTunes store. It’s called Wet Dry Try and it helps kids practice writing their upper case letters and numbers. The app is great. It responds nicely, it’s got a nice reward system and it teaches really great habits. The app costs $4.99. […]