Your Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Last week, Matrix Group launched a new staff blog — SnackOClock​.net. SnackOClock came out of an internal town hall meeting I held with staff late last year about recruiting. As a company, we decided to launch a staff blog to showcase our expertise, highlight cool projects, discuss innovative techniques we’re implementing on client sites, and […]

JP Rule #3: Never Let Your Client Make a Mistake

The Matrix Group running team wanted t-​​​​shirts for a couple of races this Spring and Summer. We ordered black running shirt with our logo printed using a sublimation process, meaning that instead of being an applique, the ink is fused into the shirt fibers. This ensures the shirt remains breathable and the logo will be […]

Netiquette for The Boss While on Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Networks

I was on LinkedIn yesterday and the LinkedIn search engine helpfully recommended a couple of people for me to add to my network.  The list included a couple of people who currently work at Matrix Group.  While it’s every CEO’s dream to have a large network, I did not invite the staff to get linked […]

Does Your Corporate Underground Match Your Company’s Size and Needs?

I was working with a prospect recently and lamenting to my team that the organization felt like a bunch of stovepipes, with the VPs competing for resources and influence.  I said something along the lines of “Arrgh, this organization is too small to be so silo’d!” Then it hit me: the company had gone through a […]