What’s the Difference Between Top News and Most Recent on Facebook? And Why Should Marketers Care?

It’s been forever since Facebook changed it stream to be divided between Top New and Most Recent and many folks are still scratching their heads wondering what’s what. Here’s why you want your updates to be in your friends’ and followers’ Top News streams. According to Facebook, “Top News shows popular stories from your favorite friends […]

Creating an Integrated, Layered User Experience Across Your Social Media Pages

I was researching an organization last week and visited their website, blog and social media pages. The website was nicely designed, easy to navigate, and had good information.  The blog was terrific and I quickly subscribed to the RSS feed.  When I got to the organization’s social media pages, I was sorely disappointed.  Their Twitter […]

Will Facebook Survive? And Does It Really Matter?

Last week, I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the Benefits Communications Conference of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Funds. During the closing session, one of the attendees asked me which social networks I thought were going to survive into the future. The dialogue went something like this: Me (Joanna): I can’t predict […]