Why Matrix Group Brought Back Its Email Newsletter

A few years ago, Matrix Group stopped sending out a weekly email newsletter.Why? We were launching a company blog, we were getting more active on Twitter and Facebook, and other organizations were dropping their email newsletters. The marketing staff was spread thin, so killing the Matrix Missive seemed like the right thing to do. We […]

I’m Losing the Good War Against Spam and the Fight for a Manageable Email Inbox

Late last year, I received an e-​​​​mail from my son’s school, letting me know that enrollment forms for next school year were going to be done electronically from now on and that I should be on the lookout for the e-​​​​mail with the information and link. Okay, I bet you know where this is going. […]

Are You Ready to Ditch Your Paper Subscriptions?

More and more of my clients are making the decision to eliminate their print magazines and newsletters. They’re choosing digital versions of their publications over print to eliminate printing and mailing costs, achieve immediate delivery, and occasionally, create personalized versions based on customer preferences. All of this makes sense to me.  I get most of […]

Does the Social Web Mean an End to E-​​Mail?

During a recent interview, the candidate asked me if Matrix Group still uses e-​​​​mail to promote its services and events.  Curious, I asked her why she asked that question.  She replied that she thought e-​​​​mail was obsolete, that all marketing is moving to the social Web.  My first reaction was “no way, you’re crazy, e-​​​​mail […]

Where Did All My Traffic Go?

In recent months, several clients reported declines in their Web site traffic.  “Where did all my traffic go?” they asked anxiously.  Turns out, the traffic is still there, but it’s dispersed and these clients have to look at usage reports from different sources to learn their true usage patterns and volume. The number one reason for […]