The Role of the C-Suite in Technology

I had the honor of moderating a panel at this week’s annual conference of the American Society of Association Executives in Detroit, MI. The panel was titled, “The Role of the C-Suite in Technology” and featured 3 CEOs and 2 CIOs. Each panelist described his/her organization: mission, staff size, revenue, most important programs and key […]

Mining Your Membership Database for Business Intelligence

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar on business intelligence with Wes Trochlil, President of Effective Database Management earlier this week. Wes is a terrific speaker, he runs a great association consulting practice, and I love that he’s passionate about business intelligence (BI). Wes speaks and blogs tirelessly about BI. His main message during […]

Beer and Cream Cheese Agile Methodology Revisited

Just over a year ago, I blogged about how the MatrixMaxx team was using an agile software methodology we’ve dubbed “beer and cream cheese.” MatrixMaxx is Matrix Group’s Web-based association management software (AMS) that is used by dozens of trade associations and professional societies to manage their membership applications and renewals, meeting registrations, committee rosters, […]

The Association of Small Foundations Web site Redesign with MatrixMaxx Implementation

Matrix Group partnered with the Association of Small Foundations (ASF) to launch a redesigned Web site, which includes full integration with MatrixMaxx.  ASF wanted to redesign their Web site to improve the design of the Web site and make information more easily accessible to key audiences.  In addition, ASF wanted to integrate their site’s […]

AOPL Web site Redesign and MatrixMaxx Implementation

Matrix Group collaborated with Association of Oil Pipelines (AOPL) for a Web site redesign and a MatrixMaxx Implementation. Our work included: A fresh, and engaging Web site design, promoting AOPL as the expert in fuel transportation, and an environmentally aware organization. Implementation of a Content Management System (CMS), allowing staff to make Web site updates […]

Sometimes We Just Need to Ask Our Customers What They Want

All day long, I sit in meetings where my staff, clients and I try to intuit what customers and members want.  We look at usage reports, search logs, customer feedback forms, guestbook entries, and survey results.  All of these sources give us insight into what customers do, seek and want.  But after conducting a focus […]

Conversation and the Zen Tech Warrior

I had the pleasure of speaking at the ASAE Technology Conference, taking place until tomorrow at the DC Convention Center.  My topic? Dealing With Big Trends in a Small Staff Organization. Here are the 5 big trends I discussed: Your Browser as the New Operating System. The Web browser is increasingly the platform for mission […]