MatrixMaxx is a Web-based Association Management System (AMS) that ties together your membership database, Web site, online store, meeting registration, exhibit sales, corporate sponsorships, fundraising, mailing lists, and more. MatrixMaxx is the only system you need to manage your association successfully.


Why MatrixMaxx?

  1. The public and members-only Web site features are standard functionality. From day one of launch, you’ll have member directories; manage profile forms and e-commerce forms that are powered real-time by your database.
  2. MatrixMaxx is suited for both company and individual-membership associations and societies.
  3. Your Web site and membership database will be hosted under the same domain (e.g., which means one set of usage reports, one Web address to market to members, one secure key, and one site to manage and monitor.
  4. Matrix Group provides a fully managed solution. You can rest easy knowing that we are monitoring and maintaining your hardware, operating system, membership software, Web site applications, and Web pages. We monitor and respond 24/7 and there’s no finger pointing; if there’s a problem, we fix it, no questions asked.
  5. Your broadcast and discussion e-mail lists are updated automatically from the database. If a member drops his membership, no problem, he’s off all members-only lists. Add someone to a committee or change the chair’s e-mail? Yep, she’s on the committee e-mail list the next time you send a message, with her new e-mail address.


  • Membership
  • Meetings and Tradeshows
  • E-commerce and Sponsorships
  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy
  • Communications and Lists
  • Content Management
  • Finance and Reporting

Every MatrixMaxx project plan includes:

  • Detailed requirements gathering so we understand the goals of your association and how your database supports (or doesn’t support) your mission and activities.
  • Recommendations for improving workflow, business process and customer service. We’ll also share best practices, case studies from other MatrixMaxx implementations and even put you in touch with similar organizations so you can network and learn from their experiences.
  • Detailed timeline that includes milestones and deliverables, and delineates your role in making the project a success.
  • Specifications for each MatrixMaxx component that details your new membership process, meeting registration process, bank reconciliations, etc.
  • A development site so you can monitor progress, review the data migration and test functionality and reports.
  • Regular check-in meetings and calls to review progress, get your feedback, and discuss the next set of deadlines and deliverables.
  • Parallel testing on your current system and MatrixMaxx
  • Launch plan that ensures a seamless transition to your new site and database, with no downtime.
  • Rollout and communications plan so that you can let your members and partners know about your new system, highlight new features, reiterate member benefits, and remind them of their username and password.

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